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Safe, secure, and easy! Pay for items using any of the following methods.
All prices on this site are in Japanese YEN (JPY).

With more than 150 million users worldwide, PayPal is one of the most popular online payment solutions out there.
Don't worry about trying to remember card numbers and security codes; all you'll need is your PayPal e-mail address and password!
Automatic currency conversion also available!
PayPal Acceptance Mark

Items will be delivered to the shipping address you specify on the Sou order page.
Please ensure the address you select on the PayPal payment screen is the same as the above.

Credit card
We accept direct card payments using the following cards.
Transactions are handled by UNIVA Paycast's Internet Payment Service.

A secure and easy payment platform offered through the popular messenger app LINE.
You only have to enter your credit card details once.
Payment is finalized upon entering your LINE Pay password.
LINE Pay offers easy payment services in partnership with global credit card brands.


Shipping costs
FREE for all orders! Tracking and insurance included (coverage varies).

Shipping methods
For your convenience, and for the sake of work efficiency, we always combine shipping into a single parcel where possible.
Choose from either EMS (express mail) or SAL (economy airmail). Don't worry - both are free!
EMS: Recommended! Fast, safe delivery (3-6 days on average), allowing you to shop with peace of mind!
SAL: Slower delivery (2-3 weeks), but nevertheless a reasonable alternative for those who prefer not to use EMS.
※ If your items end up being returned to Japan for some reason, the returned postage from your country to our office will be charged you.
Plus, if you still would like us to send the package again, we will contact you about reshipment and any relevant postage costs.

We currently ship via Japan Post only. Thank you for your understanding.

Time frame
The above delivery times are estimates and do not include the time required from our warehouse to the post office.
Customs issues, weather/traffic conditions, postal strikes, and other factors can all affect delivery times.
We do our best to pack and ship items as soon as possible after payment is confirmed.
Payments made outside normal trading hours (including weekends and national holidays) will be processed the next business day.

Customs and taxes
You may be required to pay a customs duty and/or goods tax when receiving your parcel(s).
When shipping products abroad, it is the recipient’s responsibility to pay import taxes and/or customs fees.
We cannot change the value of the products on the customs declaration form. Making an incorrect or incomplete declaration on the value of goods imported or exported into the designated country for the purpose of assessment of duty is an offense under the Customs Act.
A fine or penalty will be issued for such an offense. In addition, in case of loss/damage, we reimburse the amount based on what stated on the customs declaration. If undervalued, the customer receives only the undervalued price.
In order to make our shipping efficient, low-cost, and environmentally friendly, all paid items will be automatically combined into one box. Purchased products cannot be separated into different boxes in order to lower or evade taxes.
As for items that were returned to us after a failed delivery, if it is clear that the customer has no intention to receive the item, we reserve the right to refuse to reship the item.

Holding & Tracking

Holding Items
Items can be held for up to 7 days (including weekends) from the date of purchase or auction win.
We cannot hold items that (a) have already been packed/shipped, or (b) you have not purchased/won yet.

Tracking Items
Tracking numbers are provided in notification e-mails to your webmail address at the time of shipment.
These e-mails are sent to the address that you entered at registration (or at the time of purchase, if you are not a member).
Check the delivery status of your order at Japan Post, TrackingMore, or your country's postal service website.

Refunds & Returns

Refund policy
We try our best to provide an accurate description of the condition of our items.
Please be aware of their vintage/antique nature, and be sure to check each photo when deciding whether to make a purchase.
We provide refunds if fragile items (that are not described as cracked) are damaged during shipping/delivery.
(Please include photos when you contact us in these situations.)

Return policy
Due to the vintage/antique status and delicate nature of our items, in principle, we do not normally accept returns.
However, as each situation is different, feel free to get in touch with us if something arises.

Damage report
In the event of a broken item, the insurance included in the Free EMS shipping requires that both the sender (we, the seller) and the recipient (you, the buyer) submit a damage report. In the event that either party doesn’t submit, the insurance becomes invalid.

We have been hearing a lot of conflicting information concerning the rules for handling the damage report from different countries. However, despite the information received in the recipient’s country, the Japan Post MUST receive a report from both parties, or they will refuse to issue any compensation for the damages.
(In the case that your claim has been rejected by your local post office, we ask that you please tell us when you went to the post office, which post office you went to, and who you talked to, if possible. [For example, if you go to the post office, but they tell you that only the sender needs to file the claim.]) 

In addition, as the customs fees are the recipient’s responsibility to pay, we can only give compensation for the broken articles. We are not able to refund the customs fees even if the items are broken. 

For more details, please see the flow: HOW TO CLAIM THE DAMAGE REPORT
*Please note that you will need the shipping label in order to complete the damage report.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation in regards to these matters.