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    ARRIVED DAMAGED: My item was arrived in damaged/broken. How can you compensate this loss?
    The insurance included in the shipping requires that BOTH the sender (we) AND the recipient (you) must submit a damage report to the post office.

    As soon as you received the damaged item, please contact and/or visit your local post office to file a claim. Please let them know to file a claim. (Even though the item is damaged, crashed or any condition, the post office probably needs them at the time of your submission: please do not throw them away until the report was officially accepted.)


    This is stated on USPS web site as follows

    "Damaged International Shipments
    You must immediately present the article, mailing container, wrapping, packaging, and any other contents received in damaged condition and/or with missing contents to a Post Office™ for inspection. The Post Office will verify the damage and give you a PS Form 3831, Receipt for Article(s) Damaged in Mails, for your files.

    In addition, you should contact the foreign sender and ask the sender to file an inquiry with the postal administration from where the item was mailed. The Customer Care Center will send you a claim form if you are entitled to compensation."


    Once your submission is accepted by the post office in your country, please remember to let us know you've done and provide us a receipt number and/or a proof that your submission was accepted. (To tell Japan Post the fact yours is completed will help them go much more smoothly.)

    For more information, please refer to our page below:


    * Please copy and paste the above URL into your web browser.

    Can I use any of the photos listed on the site?
    NO, we do not accept such kind of request.

    Items photos, details, illustrations are copyrighted.

    * Our items could be available in our partner shops too (Shinei, IDnet, Net-Kei).
    ** In case you find our pictures in other stores, please do not purchase from them.

    CONTACT: How do I contact you?
    ▼General inquiries
    Use the inquiry form on the Contact page.
    Alternatively, send an e-mail to [ sou-info@net-qp.com ]

    ▼Detail about Item
    Please use the function "Ask a question about this item" on each item page.
    *To use this, you must log in beforehand.

    CUSTOMS/TAXES: Can you write a lower price on the shipping label? I don't want to pay taxes, customs, etc.
    In keeping with customs laws, we are unable to fulfill requests to undervalue shipments. Please be aware that requests to commit customs fraud may be your disadvantage.

    CUSTOMS/TAXES: Will I be charged a customs fee for importing goods into my country?
    You may be required to pay a customs fee and/or goods tax when receiving your parcel(s).
    Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included, and these charges are the buyer's responsibility.
    Tax and duty thresholds vary by country; unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what will be charged. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying.

    For more information, visit Japan Post official site:

    * Please copy and paste the above URL into your web browser.

    DESCRIPTION: Is it in excellent condition for sure?
    Please refer to both the description and the photos in the listing to find out about condition.
    We take into account the age of each item when assigning a condition tag.
    Many vintage and antique items will, by nature, not be in pristine (factory) condition.
    However, for the vast majority of our buyers, this adds to the flavor and story of the piece.

    If you would like clarification about a particular item, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    DESCRIPTION: The color on the screen seems different from the description. Which is correct?
    As you might know, the colors in the photos may appear different depending on the computer's settings. Moreover, the color of an items (especially black, blue, and purple) as depicted in photographs tends to look different from the actual color because of lighting condition. Please use the color stated in the description as a first point of reference.
    If you would like clarification about a particular item's color, feel free to contact us.

    GLOSSARY: I have no idea what this(something like material?) means. Is there any glossary page?
    We will make glossary page as soon as we can.
    Coming soon!

    HANDICRAFTS: I received the item today, but it was too strange to use it. Is it a defective one?
    We by no means have been selling the defective items. However, please understand that most of the items we deal with are vintage/antique items.

    Our floor team has each item in front of them during the inspection process, so the condition is carefully considered. Before placing order, please check the condition in each photo carefully to help you decide whether to buy. If you found something unclear on the photo images, feel free to contact us in advance so that you can fully understand the condition about the item.

    HANDICRAFTS: The item was broken while I used, I don't know why.
    We provide the items to all buyers assuming they undoubtedly use in proper usage. We are afraid, the unexpected breakage or discoloration etc. would not appear if we used the item in proper way and took care of it in appropriate method.

    When something arises, you can contact us but we do not accept any returns, exchanges, reimbursement because of the damage, deformation or whatsoever incurred as a result of the wrong usage.

    We kindly ask you to handle them with great care at your own risk. (To prevent items from being ruined, you should contact us "in advance" if you are not confident about usage.)

    HOLDING: Can you reserve the item for me?
    We are afraid we do not accept any request to buy the item on your behalf. Please kindly place order on your own.

    Especially, we cannot hold items that
    (a) have already been packed/shipped from our warehouse
    (b) you have not purchased yet.

    HOLDING: I'll keep shopping on SOU online store. Can you hold the purchased item in a while?
    Items can be held for up to 7 days (including weekends) from the date of purchase. However, once the payment is fully confirmed, the order would be proceeded. We kindly ask that customers with items on hold make a final, overall payment once you have finished shopping.

    * If you finish shopping and are ready for us to ship before the 7 days are up, please let us know as well.

    KIMONO: How do I distinguish a men's kimono from a women's kimono?
    We have tried to make this easier for you, so there is no need to worry; there is a separate category for men's kimono and fabrics, and item names also generally make the gender distinction clear. However, for your reference, here is another way to differentiate the two: for men's kimono, the sleeves only hang down about 5 cm (2"), but for women's kimono, the distance is about 30 cm (12").

    KIMONO: What is "combined weave"?
    "Combined weave" items contain a mix of materials: generally, these are silk, synthetic fibers, and cotton.

    Unfortunately, the item does not always have the tag to show the specific material containing, we cannot always provide you how many percentages each material is mixed.

    KIMONO: What is definition of "antique kimono" in SOU web store?
    In general usage, the term "antique" is used for the items whose age are 100 years old and more. However, in our own store, we use "antique kimono" the different and unique definition as follows:

    the item which was made from 1912 - 1950s.

    Please note that we cannot always specify exactly when the item was made.

    Being an antique kimono, the item is recommended for display, or fabric purposes to make something else. Yet, whether or not it is wearable depends on individual taste and how much "leeway" you can accommodate in terms of condition.

    KIMONO: What kinds of kimono are worn in summer?
    Kimono made from natural fibers are ideal in hot summer months, especially in Japan, where the humidity can reach very uncomfortable levels. Natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, linen, and silk (ro, sha, chirimen, etc.) are generally lightweight and absorb/release moisture quickly, offering good breathability to keep the wearer cool. Unlined kimono (hitoe) are favored over lined ones (awase). Yukata (casual summer kimono often worn to fireworks festivals) are traditionally made from cotton.

    KIMONO: What's my size?
    If the size from your shoulder to your ankle and kimono length are about the same, a kimono will fit you.

    If your height and kimono length are about the same, a kimono will fit you.

    * Still, the size of kimono is varied depending on each body type.

    LATE DELIVERIES: I've not received the parcel yet. Where is my parcel now?
    You are able to track your parcel online with tracking number sent to your registered web mail address.

    Japan Post
    UPS (Coming soon)

    * Please copy and paste the above URL into your web browser.

    Please remember that the delivery times stated are estimates only, and customs issues, weather/traffic conditions, postal strikes, and other factors can all contribute to delays.

    Also, the tracking information is often not be updated in timely manner. If your purchases are taking longer than scheduled to reach you, please contact your local post office whether or not they are on hold at the post office.

    * As each situation is different, feel free to contact us.

    MERCHANT: I have my own shop to sell kimonos. Is there any marketplace to buy many kimono in a large volume?
    Although registration in advance will be required, we have merchant web store (so-called SOU B to B section). As long as you are merchant, please join us!
    * To activate your merchant account, we need several days to screen your information carefully.

    ▼SOU B to B section

    ▼SOU Merchant ID application page

    * Please copy and paste the above URL into your web browser.

    MY ACCOUNT: How do I become a Sou member?
    Click "Sign Up" on the top page and fill in your personal details. Enter a user ID (a valid e-mail address) and your desired password (4-8 alphanumeric characters). NOTE: Your password will not be provided in the registration confirmation e-mail. Please make a note of it when signing up!

    MY ACCOUNT: I forgot my user ID! What should I do?
    Your user ID is the e-mail you originally used to sign up as a member. If you have forgotten it, please let us know via the Sou contact form or direct e-mail. We'll check your details in our database and get back to you as soon as possible. The more information you provide us (name, address, etc.), the easier it will be to find your login data in our system.

    MY ACCOUNT: I've bought from your eBay store before. Do I need to create a whole new account?
    As a token of appreciation, we've made registration easier for you, allowing you to finish the process in one click!

    Simply visit the following link and request a temporary password using the e-mail address you used when buying from us on eBay: http://www.net-qp.com/en/pass_ask.php

    * Please copy and paste the above URL into your web browser.

    MY ACCOUNT: What are the benefits of signing up?
    As a valued Sou member, we'll give you EXCLUSIVE information about special offers, discount coupons, new additions to our warehouse, hot item picks, and more! Shopping will also become much easier: view your complete purchase history/status on your member page, and place orders without having to enter shipping address information each time!

    PAYMENT: I received an e-mail from Sou stating that my credit card payment failed. What should I do?
    Transactions can fail for a number of reasons (related to card details, credit limits, etc.). In these situations, the order itself will generally be confirmed in our system, but payment will not have taken place. If this happens, we will send you an invoice through PayPal for the amount owed. (Please remember that it is unable to pay for them by credit card again even if you attempted to pay by your different type of credit card.)

    We do not take any responsibility for the delayed in shipment due to the payment error. Apologies for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

    RETURNS: I received the item, but it was not my thing. Can you accept returns?
    It is very unfortunate to hear that.

    We are able to accept the item which you would rather return to us, however, it was due to your personal preference, please be aware that you will be responsible for returning to our office with a traceable shipping method: we do not owe the returning postage. Once the item was returned to us as same condition as it has been listed, we will issue a refund.

    * Returns without announcement in advance will not be accepted.

    SHIPMENT: Can you split my order up into individual shipments? I don't want to pay tax, customs fees, etc.
    We combine all items into a single shipment where possible (there are size and weight limits for each country). This is for environmental purposes and also for the sake of work efficiency, ensuring we can get items to customers as fast as possible. VAT, customs, and other charges associated with bringing goods into the country are solely the responsibility of the recipient. As long as a customer has multiple purchases in our system that have yet to be shipped, they will always be combined (you might like to schedule your orders accordingly).

    SHIPMENT: What carrier do you use? Can I request FedEx, DHL, etc.?
    Current available shipping method: Japan Post (EMS, Airmail, etc)

    News about shipping method will be available from our top page.

    SHIPMENT: What delivery method do you use?
    SHIPPING: We use Express Mail Service (EMS) for all orders. It's safer, faster, and more convenient than other methods (SAL, airmail, sea mail).

    SHIPMENT: What is the cost of postage/shipping?
    Shipping is FREE for all orders!
    Tracking and insurance are included for your peace of mind.

    In case of the parcel returned to us for some reason, the reshipment postage and any relevant cost will be your responsibility.

    SHOPPING: How do I place an order?
    Browse our great range and click the green "Add to Cart" button for the item(s) you wish to purchase. When you have finished shopping, click "Place Order" to proceed to the Member Login screen. You don't have to be a member to order from us, but signing up as one will allow you to view purchase history, learn about discount offers, and save shipping address information.

    SHOPPING: I'm trying to buy, but it's not letting me go to the next page!
    ■In case that the PC is very slow.
    If you experienced something unusual, the system maintenance may be taken place.
    In general, we will announce you beforehand, but this may not always be the case unfortunately.

    ■I can't log in to my account.
    Please double check that you have filled in all the required information and try again.

    SHOPPING: What are coupon codes? How do I use them?
    Coupon codes are special strings of letters and/or numbers that apply a discount to your order. Simply enter the code on your cart page for the markdown to take effect. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter to increase your chances of receiving a code!

    SHOPPING: What are Item Bookmarks?
    Bookmarks allow you to create your very own list of favorites! Interested in an item, but waiting for a sale to start? Finding it hard to decide which design you want?
    Not a problem! Simply click "Add to Bookmarks" on any item page to save an item for later! You can check your current Bookmarks from your member page. NB: Bookmarks are designed for your reference and convenience only. They do not constitute a reservation or purchase.

    SHOPPING: What is Item Q&A?
    Ask your own questions, or view other inquiries and responses! Click ""Ask a question about this item"" on the details page to get started! (Note: To ask a question you must be logged in.)

    * Your questions and our answers will be posted on the site and made available to all members. As such, please refrain from including any personal information in your inquiry.
    (We reserve the right to manually delete the posts containing your personal information or anything we considered it inappropriate posts to be shared with all members.)

    SHOPPING: What is the Members Only section?
    This page can only be accessed by registered users. We periodically have members-only sales and bonus discounts, information about which can be checked here.

    TRACKING: Can you provide the tracking number?
    Once the parcel is ready to be collected by transport service, the tracking number is always sent to your registered email address. Please check that the webmail address registered in your account is valid and correct.

    >>>>> To our customers who use Gmail.

    From the following link, you are able to track the delivery status. Please be aware that tracking information is often not be updated in timely manner.

    Japan Post
    UPS (Coming soon)

    * Please copy and paste the above URL into your web browser.

    Your purchases might be on hold at your local post office, especially if you were absent at the time of delivery (normally the courier leaves a failed delivery notice, but this may not always be the case).

    Once the designated holding period elapses, your items will be returned to our office in Japan. If they end up being returned to Japan, the reshipment and any relevant postage costs will be your responsibility if you prefer receiving.

    To avoid this situation before you knew it, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the delivery status on your own.

    TRACKING: It appears my parcel has been returned to SOU. Can you send it back to me?
    When the parcel was returned to us for some reason, we will let you know as soon as possible.

    If you prefer receiving the item(s), the reshipment postage and any relebant cost will be required. We do not take any responsibility to pay for all of them from the second time on. (Alternatively, you are able to choose the reimbursement. After issueing the refund, the items will be put up for sale again and they are no longer yours.)

    Unless we heard from you within 7 days since wehave contacted you, we will reimburse the amount and release the items to our warehouse straightaway: we will cancel the order. This will be taken place without notification, and the order will not be retrieved.